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Funding for Percy Hobson mural

Percy’s Hobson’s sisters Heather Mieni and Freda Harvey flanked by fundraisers for the Percy Hobson Mural Victor Bartley and Peter Thomas PHOTO TWH

Bourke residents are being urged to get behind a project to have the town’s water tower painted with a mural of local Aboriginal sporting legend, Percy Hobson.

The Percy Hobson Mural project organising committee was formed last year to drive the project, headed by Victor Bartley and Peter Thomas. It is now up to the public to help get the funding approved.

The funding is decided by public vote and Bourke residents, their families, friends, colleagues and businesses can help the mural be the successful project by filling in the a form and nominating the Percy Hobson mural as the project they wish council to select for a share of available grant money.

Peter said Percy’s story, his dedication, efforts and achievements are an inspiration and have been identified by Commonwealth Games Australia as one of our nation’s greatest sporting efforts.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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