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Roy Butler calls for immediate rate relief

Member for Barwon Roy Butler is calling on the NSW Government to provide immediate local government rate relief funding to local government.

Mr Butler said that rate relief funding to local government would greatly assist in reducing the financial pressure on our rural and regional communities.

“Across western NSW towns and communities are struggling through drought and as a result families and businesses are experiencing extreme financial pressure,” Mr Butler said.

“Our communities are facing an economic crisis, there is simply not enough money flowing through our towns to keep them going.

“Getting cash back into people’s pockets through rate relief would free up some of their income to spend in local businesses, ultimately helping to keep our country towns running.

“Farmers, communities and local businesses don’t need more debt. They need money in their pockets. They need money in the local economy.”

Mr Butler estimates that the cost of this rate relief for people in the Western Division would be approximately $65 million.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro poured cold water on the idea saying that the Shooters are asking the NSW government to fund all on-going operations of local government in regional NSW.

“Under the Shooters policy it is still the tax payer that would end up paying those council rates. They have simply shifted that cost from local government to state.

“What is worse they won’t even tell us how much this would cost totally. They are not even bothered to look into this level of detail. Where is the rest of the detail on this policy?

Mr Barilaro said he doubted that the Shooters Party has worked with local councils to develop a policy.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald. PHOTO: TWH

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