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Bourke levee in need of repair

Bourke Shire General Manager Ross Earl on the section of levee bank west of the Bourke Wharf Photo TWH

One of Bourke’s most recognisable features is due for repairs. The levee surrounding the town is more than 24 years old and was given its last major upgrade in 2009 after storm damage. Council is required to regularly inspect the levee to identify any defects and routine maintenance requirements.

The inspection was carried out by a civil engineer in April and the levee was found to be in surprisingly good shape, considering the dry conditions.

The main areas of concern were the stormwater outlet/pump station through the levee at Richard Street which was identified as a number one priority requiring immediate action.

The other concern was the significant cracking west of the wharf which will be monitored for any further movement and is also a major priority.

Other issues identified during the inspection were headwalls along the river bank which are tending to fall away and ants’ nests found along the levee which need to be poisoned. Those repairs will be carried out in the next three months.

Some of the gates and fences restricting access to the levee and preventing vehicle impact have been damaged and need to be replaced and closed. This type of vandalism costs the community a considerable amount of money.

A survey undertaken in 2013 of the top of the levee has identified a number of sites where the level is below its required height and that will also have to be rectified.

General Manager Ross Earl said most of the repairs required can be undertaken as part of Council’s general maintenance regime.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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