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Outback artist behind Percy Hobson memorial

Victor Bartley and Peter Thomas are attempting to raise funds for the Percy Hobson Mural on Bourke’s Water Tower. Inset photos: Outback Artist – John Murray of Lightning Ridge, an artist’s impression of the Bourke water tower PHOTO TWH

Renowned outback artist John Murray is hard at work sketching ideas for Bourke’s proposed water tower project and he’s determined to see the plan become a reality.

John has thrown his artistic weight behind Bourke Councillor Victor Bartley who is driving the plan to have the water tower at the entrance to Bourke on the Mitchell Highway decorated with an iconic image of high jumper Percy Hobson flying over the bar.

Victor has been seeking funding for the project and has the backing of John Murray, who said he was supporting Victor in his campaign to get the project off the ground.

“It’s such a fantastic idea and would be a great attraction for the town,” John Murray said.

“To see that image of Percy flying over the high bar, up there on the tower with the blue sky and the silver background behind it - it will be spectacular.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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