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Changing outcomes for Bourke’s young people

Young Bourke leader of the future – Bourke High School Captain Mathew Bowden talking education with Kaitlyn Mathews, Una Taylor and Sergeant Gavin Smith of Bourke Police Photo: TWH

A two day education, training and employment summit in Bourke last week attracted the attention of students looking towards their future careers, also some of the most important stakeholders in the Justice Reinvestment strategy.

Among those attending the Bourke summit were the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner and the Deputy Ombudsman, keen to see first-hand the work Maranguka is doing in its juvenile justice program.

Maranguka founder Alistair Ferguson said he was impressed with the attendance, participation and interest of the Bourke community as a whole and the enthusiasm of people coming on line and offering their skills to help young people learn, develop and grow.

“The concept of Maranguka has been around for thousands of years and we are applying those traditions to a modern and contemporary environment,” Mr Ferguson said.

“We are learning from some of the past wrongs and working together to go into the future.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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