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Airline Services one step closer?

L-r: Ross Earl Bourke Council General Manager, Amanda Carnegie Dept of Planning, Michael Urquart Director, Corporate Services Walgett and Kym Miller Director, Corporate and Community Services Cobar. Photo TWH

Tomorrow could bring Bourke’s new airline service one step closer, as the Mayors of Bourke, Walgett and Cobar – the three council members of the Far West Joint Organisation – confer with stakeholders at an extraordinary meeting of the Joint Organisation.

Bourke Mayor Barry Hollman said he is hopeful that the meeting would forge an agreement with one of the two parties who have put forward tenders for the air service.

“The meeting will be held at the airport committee room at Dubbo and I am very hopeful that a decision will be made on that day about our air services,” Mayor Hollman said.

“It is really just another step in the procurement process, but we trust some positive decisions can be made.

“All three member councils of the Joint Organisation will be represented at the meeting, and we look forward to something positive coming out of that.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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