Town water restrictions eased

Removing the temporary weir on the Darling at North Bourke boat ramp Photo TWH

Fantastic news for Bourke town residents, water restrictions have been eased to level 3 due to welcome inflows from the Culgoa.

The weir pool is now re-filling and, on Monday the river at Bourke had risen more than 60 centimetres since inflows began last Thursday.

At the lowest on Thursday the river dropped to 1.93 metres and by Wednesday morning the level had reached 2.66 metres.

It is still unclear as to how much water that will be received into the Bourke weir pool but it is anticipated that it will continue to slowly rise.

This inflow is good news for town water supplies at Bourke and North Bourke, and for stock and domestic users.

Under level 3 restrictions, the use of fixed sprinklers continues to be prohibited.

Hand held hoses can now be used for two hours per day, and washing of paved areas and motor vehicles is limited to buckets. Filling of private swimming pools is prohibited.

Local residents are requested to continue to reduce water consumption where possible.

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