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Dead trees to be replaced

Bourke Council General Manager Ross Earl inspecting one of the dead trees outside the Council Chambers PHOTO TWH

Bourke Shire Council is taking immediate action to replace about 40 trees that have died around town because of the drought.

These mature trees, on footpaths and median strips, could not handle the severe drought conditions and lack of watering due to water restrictions

Bourke Council Works Manager Peter Brown said these trees will be removed and replaced with appropriate species.

Mr Brown said that council has engaged a qualified tree expert – an arborist – to assess all current street trees and identify trees to be removed and those that can be saved through pruning or fertilizing.

“Council will have to buy suitable trees to replace the dead trees once water restrictions have been removed and there is an assurance of an ongoing water supply”, Mr Brown said.

“Removal of the dead trees will be undertaken by council staff or a contractor depending on the size and location of the trees.

Council has already provided for the costs of the dead tree removal and the costs of engaging an arborist in the current council budget.

The replacement trees will be selected from species identified in the Bourke Shire Council Street Tree Masterplan – bottle tress, local eucalypts and coolabahs.

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