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Council investigates North Bourke water usage

The dwindling town weir pool at North Bourke Photo TWH

Bourke Shire Council is investigating a troubling water usage issue in North Bourke which has shown consumption in the village equal to 15,000 buckets of water a day.

The extraordinary water use is despite level five restrictions which mean residents can only use buckets for outside watering and no sprinklers or hoses allowed.

Level five water restrictions were announced on Sunday April 28 due to the severely low water level in the weir pool, and there were concerns the raw water at North Bourke would be suspended due to these low levels.

That action was delayed until arrangements were put in place to ensure a fire-fighting capability in North Bourke and didn’t come into effect until later in the week.

Rain and a subsequent inflow meant the suspension was able to be lifted but level five restrictions remained.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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