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Who stole Rosie the Sheep?

Thyme (left) and Rosie with red collar PHOTO TWH

Bourke Police are appealing for information following the apparent theft of one of two sheep from Bourke High School.

It is the second case involving allegations made on social media and Crime Manager Inspector Rod Grant has again urged the public not to resort to posts on Facebook to report or discuss apparent crimes.

There were two sheep on the school farm - Thyme and Rosie.

Last weekend, dogs attacked Thyme and on Wednesday, Rosie went missing from the paddock on the school grounds.

The sheep are part of the school Agriculture classes, and Relieving Agriculture Teacher Kelly Ryder said the loss of Rosie had set back study in the classes for agriculture students.

“Rosie was part of a breeding program that was to kick start Bourke High School Students with the Wether Challenge,” Mrs Ryder said.

“The challenge sees schools raise the sheep that are then shorn, weighed and muscle-scanned before being valued. Schools get a percentage of the profit from the animals.”

“Rosie and Thyme are much more than just sheep they are valued learning resources for the Bourke High School and valued members of the School’s community,” Mrs Ryder said.

Inspector Grant said the investigation into the theft of Rosie was ongoing.

“During our enquiries we saw there had been accusations again made on social media concerning an individual in respect of this theft,” Inspector Grant said.

“We have since spoken to a young person in relation to those accusations and he has been cleared and is not linked to this offence.”

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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