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Jen’s expression of hope this Easter

Jen’s Gallery at North Bourke will be open over Easter Photo: TWH

Over the past 12 years, local artist Jenny Greentree has been featuring elements of the Bourke district in her annual art exhibitions.

This year Jen has added some poetry to her visual art – and its all about “hope” – that most valuable element of human character that shines in the outback.

They say that “hope springs eternal” and Jen’s latest artistic offering is a wonderful exploration that theme.

The new exhibition is called “Hope on the Horizon”, a combination of art and poetry, at her gallery at North Bourke.

“Sometimes it’s hard to express all you want to say in a painting,” Jen said “and sometimes it’s hard to express all you want to say with words”.

“This year at Back O’Bourke Gallery, we have created a unique space which expresses an encouraging response of respect, empathy and hope, while acknowledging the severe drought we are suffering.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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