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Big 2019 outback floods But the Darling misses out

Floodwater on Warrego river system has made its way down over 500 kilometres of river, and arrived at the Cuttaburra Bridges north of Yantabulla on the Bourke to Hungerford Road.

This fantastic photo comes courtesy of Kylie Fisher of Land & Life Photography

Despite big recent rainfall in western Queensland and big flows down the Warrego River, it looks like the Darling River won’t see much of the flow.

Hopes the flows would reach the Darling and provide some relief for drought-ravaged communities between Louth and Menindee remain small, according to the latest monitoring by WaterNSW.

A major rain event in late March resulted in high flows moving down the Warrego River, with flows at Cunnamulla Weir in southern Queensland peaking at around 80,000 ML/day on April 4.

With northern NSW in the grip of severe drought, there was some hope that the floods would help prepare the northern tributaries to better catch any subsequent rain events.

As these recent flows work their way down the Warrego over coming weeks, they will provide significant environmental benefits to more than 300,000 hectares of wetlands and a number of distributary streams and anabranches.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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