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Race to secure water

Driller Jarod Oats from Impax engineering company at the back up bore west of Bourke. Photo: TWH

Bourke Shire Council’s race against time to secure town water supplies appears to have paid off. The new bore five kilometres west of the existing Walkden Bore at North Bourke has proved successful, with a flow rate exceeding one megalitre per day.

A 250,000 litre tank has also been erected at the site of the new bore – Walkden Bore Number 2 – which will be eventually pumped to the Water Treatment Plant. A second back-up bore is still under construction five kilometres east of the new bore.

General Manager Ross Earl said the bore will provide Bourke with a secure water supply. Meanwhile, the plan to deepen the Darling River at North Bourke to enable pumps to access the upstream supply there has also been a success.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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