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Minister boosts funds for water security

NSW Water Minister Niall Blair Photo: TWH

When Water Minister Niall Blair took the podium at this week’s Western Division Conference, he faced delegates from councils dealing with critical water shortages, including Bourke.

In the keynote address to the conference on Tuesday, the Minister assured everyone he was committed to removing red tape to get new funding out to councils to secure their water supplies as the drought continues to bite.

Minister Blair announced $4.2 billion in funding from the Hydro Snowy Scheme for drought-proofing, with $25 million for upgrades to infrastructure, including the Western Weirs Strategy to enable councils to build new weirs or repair exiting ones.

He also detailed the construction of the Wilcannia and Walgett Weirs as part of that plan.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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