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One million dollars to boost local economy

Central Park, the Bourke Wharf and The Back o’Bourke Centre are all targeted for upgrades with these drought funds Photo: TWH

The Bourke Shire Council has received an early Christmas gift with a grant of one million dollars for a range of economy boosting projects.

The grant is part of the Drought Communities Programme Extension and includes:

  • Upgrades to Central Park of $259,000

  • Wharf Employment Project of $60,000

  • The Rural Addressing project of $55,000

  • Toilets at the Bourke Cemetery of $25,000

  • Social and Economic Drought Events of $60,000

  • Bourke CBD Beautification program of $180,000

  • Bourke and District Community Stimulus of $200,000; and

  • Back O’Bourke Regional Function and Conference Centre of $150,000

General Manager Ross Earl said the grant would be a boost to the local economy; providing employment opportunities and the use of local products where possible.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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