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New Flying Doctor facility at Louth

The Louth community discussing local government issues with Bourke Shire Councillors – Councillor Victor Bartley on far left and Councillors Sarah Barton and Cecil Dorrington on far right, with l-r: Pip Sandford, Clare Sandford, Emma Boede, Garry Mooring, Dean Loughran (RFDS), Patsy Duncan, Jack Sandford, Sarah Little (RFDS), Janet Jones, and Melissa Lennane. Photo: TWH

Residents of Louth have asked Council to have their town boundaries extended, and want some streets rebuilt, but otherwise have been happy with the service of Bourke Council.

Locals were positive about the recent clean-up of old pipes at Louth and with recent roadworks.

And with recent grant funding announced for the villages, Louth residents are looking for an upgrade of the tennis courts & facilities and some new tourism sigs in and around the village.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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