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Council cracks down on water users

Bourke Council Works Manager Pater Brown checking the river gauge at Bourke Photo: TWH

Bourke Council is considering a crack-down on people who are ignoring the current water restrictions in Bourke and North Bourke.

Council General Manager Ross Earl says council has taken legal advice on options for forcing people to restrict water use where notices have not helped.

“There are a number of residents who are obviously unaware of the water restrictions and continue to water their lawns for periods well in excess of the times allowed” Mr Earl said “and often that water is being wasted”.

“So far, Council has taken a relatively soft approach to the problem of people ignoring the water restrictions.

“But as the water supply dwindles, we will have to take a much stronger line and we are taking legal advice on the options available to Council.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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