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Byrock happy with Council

Byrock Community Consultation at Mulga Creek Hotel on Monday – Bourke Mayor Barry Hollman (far right) with Byrock residents Ryan Esam, Gregg Smith, Gail & Paul Kelley & Coleen Guinane Photo: TWH

Residents of Byrock expressed overall satisfaction with Bourke Council’s provision of service to the village, at a meeting on Monday. A number of residents gathered together with Mayor Barry Hollman, other councillors and council staff members to discuss service and maintenance issues. The biggest issues were the water supply and the Byrock airstrip. Local publican Paul Kelley said an extra drain is needed on the highway side of the water storage to supplement inflow during storms. According to Council Works Manager Peter Brown, the present Byrock water storage has enough water to get through well into next year, and council has made a commitment to investigate building extra drainage into the ground water storage. Council indicated it has made no decision to close the Byrock Airport after investigations revealed regular weekly usage, and council will look at extra works to ensure the safety of the airstrip at reasonable cost. The Australian Pilots Association has indicated the Byrock strip is used for training on a weekly basis, and locals say that tourist flights in and out are a regular occurrence. Other issues discussed included mobile phone coverage, tourism, the need to clean up the burnt out Mulga Market building, and management of the Byrock Rock Hole. Phillip Sullivan and Sally Torr from the Rock Holes Management Trust made the trip to Byrock for discussions at the meeting.

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