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Bourke! The final stop on epic journey

Bob Dibble 71 from Scarborough, Brisbane Queensland. Ridining a postie bike around the world — first time ever — smallest side-car to go around the world — risen by the oldest man. Photo: TWH

Bourke gets its fair share of travellers seeking an Outback experience but 71 year old Bob Dibble might beat them all.

Bob has circumnavigated the world solo on an 18 year old postie bike with a tiny side-car attached.

He has claimed a few world records in the process — as the oldest person to circle the globe, with the smallest side-car ever to make the 41,000 kilometre trip.

Bob is based in Brisbane and decided to seek adventure when he was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. He was in Bourke this week on his final leg home.

“No-one has done it before in such a small rig – 110cc with a payload of 105 kilos, with me on it at 110kgs and with a side-car attached.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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