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Bourke’s Class of 2018 celebrate

The Bourke High School Class of 2018 just before their Year 12 Formal on Saturday night: Anna Brown (back left), Noeleen Wilson (aqua dress), Rozaria Suckling (Captain, pale dress in centre), Chris Simpson (shirt & tie), Shyanna Hudson (back right), Chloe Wright (left, floral dress), Tori Williams (maroon dress), Gemma Gale (Vice Captain), Brandhee Leigh Lovett (Captain), Daynah Hayman (dark dress) Jade Morris (red dress) Rowan Gordon (far right), Shaquita Weston (front left) Georgia Hardwick, Larry Brissenden (blue suit) Briana Reed and Charlie Randall (right front). Absent from photo: Beau Glover and Mick Monaghan. Photo courtesy of Kylie Fisher of Land and Life Photography

On Saturday evening, 18 students and their guests attended the Year 12 formal celebrations at the Bourke Bowling Club. The Year 12 formal is a celebration of success after the completion of 13 years of education.

All students looked sensational and presented themselves well individually as well as a group. Parents all expressed great pride on the night – at the achievements of their children.

This year’s group is the largest group to finish year 12 at Bourke High since 20 students completed their HSC in 2005. Within this class there were some students that are the eldest in their families, so the first sibling to complete Year 12. Other students, although not the eldest in their families, were the first sibling to attain a HSC.

Other students’ families breathed a sigh of relief as it was their last child to complete their secondary education.

Best wishes to these incredibly resilient students who have collectively faced a long list of hardships over the past year. I wish you all well in your future endeavours.

Miss Amanda Smith

Year 12 Advisor

Bourke High School

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