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Bourke academic leads the way in storytelling

Dr Jennifer Crawford and Dr Paul Collis both of the University of Canberra with Wayne Knight of Bourke. Paul was born and raised at Bourke. Both Paul and Jennifer work at the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research Photo: TWH

When Dr Paul Collis from the University of Canberra comes to Bourke, he is coming home.

A proud Barkindji man, Paul is one of the leading academics driving a program of cultural research into the stories and languages of the region.

He was in Bourke this week as part of that research. Paul has a PhD in Communications and is passionate about restoring Aboriginal storytelling.

Travelling with him to Bourke was Dr Jennifer Crawford, a fellow academic from the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research at the Canberra University.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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