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Big years ahead for Council

Mayor of the Bourke Shire Council Barry Hollman Photo: TWH

Barry Hollman has been re-elected unopposed as Mayor of the Bourke Shire council, with Lachlan Ford elected unopposed as Deputy Mayor at Monday’s council meeting.

Mayor Hollman said he was honoured to have been given the top job again and said the next two years would see big improvements in Bourke, with the restored air services his top priority.

“We would really like to see the air services running again and that’s part of the reason Bourke joined the Joint Organisation of Councils.

“The government said they would definitely get the air services up and running if we formed a JO so I am really keen on that.

“It’s probably our top priority and really important for Bourke. If we are to encourage professional people to come to our town, we need air services. It’s the first thing they ask about and I am fairly certain we will have them running in the next six months.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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