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Mark’s big plans for Bourke Pool

New Bourke Pool Manager Mark Hollman Photo: TWH

When the Bourke swimming pool opens on September 29, it will be the start of a new role for one of Bourke’s most familiar faces — Mark “Bus” Hollman.

Mark is the new Pool Manager, after taking on the job managing the Bourke PCYC for five years.

That role saw him introduce new programs and increase participation in one of Bourke’s most important youth organisations, and Mark hopes to maintain his links with the community’s young people through his work at the pool.

Mark Hollman is proudly Bourke born and bred, from a family with strong community connections. He has four children, all raised in Bourke.

Coming from a family with a strong sense of community service it’s not surprising that Mark has found his calling helping others, in particular Bourke’s young people.

He was a keen advocate for the skate park despite strong community opposition because he believed it was important for the kids. He was head of Youth-Off-The-Streets, which saw him interact and help many young people facing difficult lifestyles and choices.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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